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Menopause: The Conversation Continues within the Seanad

The menopause was once again raised in the Seanad today.  Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly stated that “since I spoke about this issue last Tuesday, little did I know that this issue was going to dominate the airwaves for almost another week”.

O’Reilly stated “I think that is really welcome, but it’s also been quite an emotional week for an awful lot of women and indeed their partners. I’ve have several women contact me as young as thirty, and talk to me about early menopause, not wanting to be forgotten in that conversation. I welcome all of the comments from the Taoiseach around this. There is really an opportunity now to have it put front and centre when it comes to the Women’s Health Taskforce this year and on an ongoing basis”.

She went on to add “I’d also like to thank GPs who have reached out to let me know what will support them in services that they provide. But we need to talk about employers as well because we need to make sure that this is an equal Ireland for every woman. No matter where they work or who their doctor is they must get the exact same information and same care”.