Can I Vote?

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All Residents can vote in Local Elections!
Regardless of your nationality or whether you are seeking asylum, you can vote in local elections.

And NOW people aged 16 & 17 can pre-register!

What do I need to Register?

You will need the following;

Your PPS number.

Your Eircode/Address.

Be aged 18 and above.
(People aged 16 can pre-register)

Why Should I Vote?

Your vote can make a difference: Whether it’s a local or national elections, every vote counts and can influence the outcome!

You can shape important issues: By voting, you have a say in choosing the leaders and policies that reflect your values and priorities.

Elected officials are accountable to you: Your vote helps to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions, whether it’s endorsing their good work or replacing them if they’re not performing well.

You can help shape the future: By participating in elections, you’re helping to shape the future of your community and country, and influencing the kind of world you want to live in.

Additional Information


Your registration will be based on your “ordinary residence”, which means the place where you usually live. Simply put, the address you call home is where you’ll be registered.

Providing your PPSN helps verify your identity. If you don’t have a PPSN, download and print a form from the online portal, then take it with your ID to your local Garda Station for certification. PPSNs are not visible or searchable on the register.

To register or update your details, you can apply anytime. But for elections or referendums, your local authority must receive your application 15 days before the event, excluding Sundays, public holidays, and Good Friday. If it arrives late, it won’t be considered for that event. Different deadlines apply for postal voting and special voters list.

If you have any other questions, click the below link!
Check the Register