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Unprecedented investment in apprenticeships and Green Skills

Green Party Spokesperson on Education Pauline O’Reilly has said that Budget 2022 represents an unprecedented investment in apprenticeships and the Green skills training. “The world is on fire. Climate change is the greatest challenge our planet has ever faced. This budget recognises the practical implications for our workforce and sets out to give young people opportunities in the Green economy by providing an unprecedented amount of funding. This includes funding for a jaw-dropping 35,000 learners on Green skills modules and additional Retrofit and NZEB expansion place.”

 “With the Climate Act over the line it’s now time to see action on the ground.  Apprenticeships are key.  This Budget puts in place the commitment to a brighter greener future”.

“Additional funding is also being made available to support skills development with:

  • 7,600 places in key skills areas of the economy
  • Training to support jobseekers, address climate and low carbon economy issues, including 8,900 places on Skills to Compete.
  • Off-the-job training places for 7,000 craft apprentices impacted by Covid.
  • Additional 3,000 payments to employers under Apprenticeship Incentivisation and new Employer Apprenticeship Grant in 2022.

Along with additional funding for Research and Innovation.